Jakub Klimczyk

Jakub is a member of Central Europe leadership team at TikTok, responsible for the Client Solutions Team. He focuses on introducing particular, full funnel solutions on the platform for clients across all industries in CE region.

In advertising industry for 15 years, passionate about digital advertising and digital business. Before TikTok, Jakub gained experience on media agencies side in the area of all media channels planning&buying, media strategy and above all building effective teams.

Amin Siala

Amin Siala is an international speaker and global marketing expert who's consulted tens of the world's leading finance and ecommerce businesses in growing their revenues using the latest digital marketing strategies.

Having spoken in over 13 countries, Amin brings an energetic and engaging style to his talks that are sure to educate as well as entertain. He has a background in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College London, Amin’s talent lies in simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand.

Elena Agrici

Elena is Expansion Manager at Frisbo efulfillment Moldova - Europe's efulfillment solution matching online stores with a network of trusted fulfillment operators & smart logistics providers. Frisbo's developed solution help sellers deliver orders to their customers cheaper, faster, and easier, making ecommerce truly borderless. Elena has 13 years of experience in the IT sector with background in designing and developing digital solutions and IT products.

Tosin Oke

Tosin Oke joined Payoneer in 2018, he is the Director of SMB Sales in Europe, expanding Payoneer's local presence across western Europe. Tosin has a wealth of experience within the Fintech and lending space, having previously worked at iwoca as their Head of Business development. Prior to iwoca, Tosin was an Olympic athlete, where his highest world ranking was 6th.

Petar Jevtic

Petar’s first encounter with digital ads happened in 1998, since than he has gained and shared experiences in all aspects of marketing, from video/film production, media planning & buying to the current position of Regionalnog Meta Client Partner in Httpool, Meta’s Authorized Sales Partner on several continents.

His expertise being advertising strategy on Meta platforms, Petar helps the largest regional advertisers from various industries, including e-comm, gaming, CPG, grow their business.

Zdravko Ilic

Zdravko Ilic is Senior Trade Expert in charge of Trade in Services in CEFTA Secretariat. He has built around 15 years of professional experience working in public and private organisations on various aspects of EU and regional integration. He has spent 10 years in Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia where he held the position of the director of the Representative office in Brussels and head of EU integration unit in Belgrade. He has also worked as a consultant to World Bank, European Commission and other international organisations. Besides Serbo-Croatian, he speaks English and some French.

Nemanja Antic

In 2012, Nemanja started his own company, Military Shop Belgrade which produces and distributes unique and protective clothing and equipment. The company equips police and military units, utility companies, municipal administrations, state bodies, security companies, and hunting stores in Serbia and in the region. Military Shop operates in 6 markets: Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania & Hungary, has recorded over 1 million items sold over the Internet, and also deals with the export and import of goods from Russia, Germany, Greece, Slovakia, and Turkey.

Nikola Ivanov

Nikola Ivanov is the Regional Director for Western Balkans and has extensive experience in the implementation of multiple businesses beyond their main location, especially based on the cultural differences between the East and the West. In CloudCart, he sees a well-established Bulgarian company CloudCart whose technology can support the local success of any business, and meet it with foreign customers and partners.

Razmena Cekic Durovic

Размена Чекиќ Дуровиќ е Државен секретар во Министерството за економија на Р.Северна Македонија. На оваа позиција е од октомври 2020 година и нејзиното претходно искуство вклучува различни раководни позиции во Министерството за економија. Дипломирала и магистрирала на Универзитетот Св.Кирил и Методиј во Скопје со студии по економија.

Borkica Shekerova

Borkica Shekerova is Senior Product Manager and Value Stream Owner at Netcetera’s Secure Digital Payments Division.

She started as a software engineer and continued her career as a product manager for different business and consumer services in the telecommunication industry.

Borkica has an extensive background in product management, business strategy, and growth. After spending fifteen years with an international telecommunication provider, she joined Netcetera, a leading Swiss software company, in 2018. She was involved in productizing EMV® 3-D Secure authentication protocol components in the acquiring domain and led the introduction of Netcetera 3DS Server SaaS, aiming to provide secure yet smooth online payments. The latter has become an international success story for Netcetera.

Today, Borkica is responsible for the acquiring portfolio of services and products at Netcetera. She makes it possible for payment service providers, acquiring banks, and online merchants to meet the evolving expectations of their users for a seamless online payment experience while preventing fraud and staying compliant.

Darko Peruseski

Darko Perusheski has over 25 years of experience in the field of informatics, telecommunications and media, implementing numerous projects related to digitization and introduction of computer technology in domestic companies from the real sector. In his 10 years of experience in managing and developing, at that time, the leading media in the country - A1 Television, he has developed and implemented strategies for the development of television from a programming and technological aspect, introducing technological and programming innovations - such as the first media a web portal with an online newsroom as early as 2000, the first completely internally digitized television, the first television to cooperate with the largest American film studios, the first television to produce a mega show under license - ""Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"", the first private television to introduce satellite channel – A1 plus.

His experience includes operational management with the launch of the first digital terrestrial platform - Boom TV within the framework of Slovenian Telecom, restructuring of a marketing company and increasing the client portfolio and development, production and distribution of licensed products, as well as the design and implementation of the first Macedonian national streaming platform - Gley.

Prof. Nikica Mojsoska Blazeski

Professor Nikica Mojsoska-Blazevski is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Macedonia2025. Nikica’s prior experience was in academia, where she served two terms as Dean of the Business School at University American College-Skopje, as well as in the public administration where she worked as a Head of the Macroeconomic Policy Department at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia.

Nikica has an extensive experience of over 20 years in research, consultancy and advisory in economic policies, social systems and policy, labor markets, and education in Macedonia, as well as the Western Balkan region, with a focus on youth and gender issues. She has been so far working with major international economic organizations and institutions, such as the World Bank, ILO, RCC, UNDP, UN Women and the European Commission. Mojsoska-Blazevski is the author of many journal articles and several book chapters. She has served as an economic and labor market advisor to government institutions in the Western Balkan region. Nikica is a member of the audit committee of one of the largest Macedonian banks and a member of the Management Board of the Economic Chamber of North Macedonia. She is also a member of well-renowned international scientific organizations.

Rasim Memagić

Rasim Memagić was born on June 6, 1979 in Sarajevo. He acquired work habits in the family company Alma Ras, today's brand leader in the production and sale of underwear and sleepwear.

Since 2001, he has actively participated, together with the rest of the team, in the development of the Alma Ras brand, on which basis cooperation with large retail chains was established.

In 2006, this company signed a cooperation agreement with the largest European manufacturer of fine linen, Triumph int. He held the position of executive director of Alma Ras from 2014 to 2021. and since January 2022 he is the general manager of the company and the president of the board.

As the general manager of the company and the leader of a young and ambitious team, he is proud of the results they achieve, and he is especially satisfied with his personal contribution to the development of human resources and the growth of the collective of over 1200 employees. Privately, he likes to travel all over the world and meet different people and cultures.

Nina Angelovska

Nina Angelovska, PhD is an entrepreneur, UNCTAD eTrade for Women Advocate, President of the Macedonian E-commerce Association and the former Minister of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia. She co-founded and was heading the first deal platform and leading e-commerce company in Macedonia, Grouper.mk, launched in 2011 that transformed the e-commerce market.

Angelovska’s passion for e-commerce and drive for change led her to establish the first Macedonian E-commerce Association in 2017. She was a member of the Board of the European Ecommerce and Omnichannel Trade Association (EMOTA). Currently, she is a member of the Board of Directors at Makedonski Telekom.

Angelovska works as a consultant in business development, digital economy and e-commerce on various projects, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and events striving to infuse passion and awake the potential of many young people.

Her hard work and impact have been widely recognized. In 2018 she was named Forbes 30 Under 30 and in 2019 she was named one of the seven global UNCTAD eTrade for Women Advocates. Recently she made a successful exit when the Polish Group Asseco SEE acquired her company, Grouper.mk.

Dragan Josifovski

Драган Јосифовски е извршен директор и ко-основач на Paket. Тој го основа Paket во 2018 година како startup, а брзо станува најголемиот онлајн супермаркет и еден од водечките бизниси за е-трговија во Македонија. Во Paket има имплементирано посебно иновативни решенија поврзани со веб технологија, fulfillment системи, системи за достава и други автоматизации кои му помогнаа на Paket да стане лидер на македонскиот пазар и да се издвои како единствен е-трговец кој има високоразвиена инфраструктура. Магистрирал на Imperial College во Лондон во областа на стратегиски маркетинг.

Nenad Mirkovic

Nenad Mirković is an international Brand Marketing Director with over 15 years of professional experience in Sporting goods, working for Nike and Jordan brand, FMCG and Advertising industries, in a broad variety of markets including North America, Western and Eastern Europe. In his current role, he is responsible for leadership of functions and teams that drive all Marketing, Digital, Communications and Consumer Engagement activities for IQOS portfolio, across SEE.

Nenad is committed to building brand strength, fueling consumer demand, and strengthening the connection between IQOS brand and its legal age users, enabled by a holistic approach where offline and online channels create synergy. He strongly believes that innovation and new technologies are brand growth enablers, thus he invests his efforts into integrating Web 3.0 technologies such as NFT into the brand strategy. Furthermore, he is focused on building seamless e-commerce experience and nurturing consumer communities driven by highly segmented brand experience and communication delivered through online channels.

Nenad is passionate about sports as he participated in athletics at the collegiate and professional levels.

Vanya Manova

Vanya is responsible for managing the development of regional business and market strategy for the highly dynamic Balkan countries. Since March 2019, she has been responsible for developing and implementing the company's strategy to support the growth of card and electronic payments across the four countries, to introduce Mastercard's innovations and technology solutions, and to build long-term partnerships with key customers, government and public sector.

Boban Milosavleski

Boban Milosavleski is the co-founder of Vendor - the first automated e-commerce platform in the region. His specialty is developing startups, business strategies, creating new products, networking and sales. Boban has been working on the digital market in America, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy and the Balkans for more than 7 years. He is also active as a speaker and educator at many domestic and international events, and as a civic activist he is involved in improving the conditions for sports and education of young people in our region through infrastructural and logistical support.
He likes to meet new people and discuss business ideas.

Filomena Pljakovska - Asprovska

Filomena Pljakovska-Asprovska, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Casis AD, the only processor in the field of card operations, electronic commerce and certified card personalization bureau in the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

By vocation BSc in Electrical Engineering, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Master’s Degree at the Faculty of Economics at UKIM, alumni of the Schulich School of Business, York University Toronto CA and a fellow of the Kellog School of Management USA. Advocate and motivator of the motto that learning is an endless process, and every investment in itself is a value for the company, the environment and the society in which we live.

She started his working career as a System Administrator in the company, then as a Sector Director and for two terms a member of the Board of Directors.
During her 18 years of work experience, as an expert she has the opportunity to participate in many important projects for the implementation of innovations and new products in the field of the card industry. Proud of the company’s team for the first successful personalized chip cards in the country, the implementation of the highest security standards for data security PCI DSS and ISO27001, the introduction of secure e-commerce with 3D model and many other projects. At the same time, she is a member of the National Council for Payment Systems at the NBRSM and the commission for encouraging non-cash payments with active participation and maximum support in the initiatives for encouraging and improving the use of electronic payment channels. During her career she has been engaged as a speaker and panelist at several domestic conferences in the field of payment systems, security of card payments and topics in the field of e-commerce. She continues to achieve her mission and goals through continuous professional cooperation with banks and the entire ecosystem in which the company operates for equal participation in the modern global digital economies.
At the same time, she is a member of the National Council for Payment Systems at the NBRSM and the commission for encouraging non-cash payments with active participation and maximum support in the initiatives for encouraging and improving the use of electronic payment channels.

During her career she has been engaged as a speaker and panelist at several domestic conferences in the field of payment systems, security of card payments and topics in the field of e-commerce.

She continues to achieve her mission and goals through continuous professional cooperation with banks and the entire ecosystem in which the company operates for equal participation in the modern global digital economies.

Ermin Brkic

Ermin has earned a Bachelor's and MBA degree in the USA in the field of macroeconomics and finance. He started his e-commerce career 8 years ago in the OLX group, more precisely in the leading buying and selling platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, olx.ba, in the position of CFO, where he gained experience in the e-commerce ecosystem in financial and operational activities. Today, in addition to his current occupation, he also works as a business developer for OLX.ba. In addition, he is very proud of his involvement in the company eKupon.ba, where he holds the position of CEO. He enjoys the dynamics and challenges that this industry provides every day.

Mergim Cahani

Mergim Cahani is the Founder and CEO of Gjirafa Inc - Gjirafa is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Central Europe (Deloitte Fast 50 2021 in CE position #11), with a mission to build the Internet economy in the Balkan region. Gjirafa’s ecosystem of services encompasses e-commerce, video streaming, online marketing, cloud computing, and entertainment production, and it is one of the most well-funded tech startups in Europe.
Previously, in New York, Mergim worked for Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR), an Adjunct Assistant Professor at St. John’s University, and an executive management consulting program at Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS). Regionally, Mergim was teaching at various universities, was the President of the Board of Governors at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, a board member of ATOM Institute and GAP Institute, an advisory board member of several startups, accelerators and funds. His education includes a BS and MS degree in Computer Science, and an MBA in Management, from St. John’s University and New York University.

Vojdan Karapetkovski

Vojdan is the CEO of Kara5, a next-gen digital agency that helps clients accelerate their digital transformation in Switzerland, the DACH region and globally.

Committed to providing first-class digital solutions and with its proven track record of successful digital transformation projects, Kara5 takes pride in being a key factor for the strong growth and rapid development of numerous clients of all sizes and industries, such as CVA Silicone, SpiroChem, Connect, Kristal Coatings and many others.

Vojdan’s unique approach to strategy, web and digital marketing — along with his 19 years of evolving marketing & sales experience — empowers Kara5's clients to unlock unique possibilities for sustainable growth and meaningful transformation.

Elena Panova

Elena Panova is a Marketing and Digital transformation director in A1 Macedonia, which is a convergent operator offering all mobile and fix telecommunications services, as well as ICT. She is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies and driving the digital transformation in the company through digital services and the implementation of RPA tools. Focused on implementing new and innovative services on the market, thereby driving society digitization and improving customer value and digital customer experience. She has participated in many conferences as a keynote speaker or panelist, such as The World Broadband Forum, Webit Festival Europe, International Customer Experience Summit EMEA, etc.

Milkica Gjerinska

Milkica Gerinska has been part of Pivara's team for three and a half years now. In her current role, she is responsible for developing and implementing the company's strategy to support Digital Commerce Growth. Moreover, she is working on acceleration of the eCommerce channel and digital commercialization and in parallel building long-term partnerships with key customers, with great determination to better serve them and take things always one step further.

As part of Coca Cola Hellenic team that drives the eCommerce B2C business, Milkica is constantly working on the eCommerce system development and activation, using Regional Strategies and Approaches and applying them to the local landscape. Through her current role, she follows the trends to meet the customer changing behaviors.

Furthermore, Milkica is focused on implementing different solutions that contribute to the company's business growth in the digital world, by implementing best practices from The Coca-Cola HBC and Heineken.

Elira Demiraj

Elira Demiraj is born in Tirana. She has completed her university studies in Business Management at the Faculty of Economics in the University of Tirana, and her post-graduation studies in Finance-Banking at the same Faculty. Ms. Demiraj holds an MBA degree in International Business Administration from Baker College, Michigan, USA. Elira Demiraj has a rich and successful experience in public administration, managing several departments in the Municipality of Tirana during the years 2001-2011. She has also engaged in several projects as consultant and public administration expert. Ms. Demiraj has been General Director of the National Agency of Employment and Skills, NAES. She has also completed a series of trainings and qualifications on Financial Management, Administration, Business Modeling and Development, Marketing, etc. Ms. Demiraj currently holds the position of General Director in the Directorate of Economic Development and Employment, at the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

Bojan Kordalov

Bojan Kordalov is a Senior Communications specialist and President of the Digital Transformation Council for the Western Balkans at the Heidelberg Institute – Skopje. He has been actively working in the field of communications and marketing for more than 20 years. 

Bojan actively participates in creation of a large number of communication strategies, promotional, marketing and other PR activities, as well as additional communication campaigns for the needs of private companies, civil society, international organizations and public institutions.

Publicly, he advocates the necessity of digital society transformation, e-commerce, media and digital literacy, building an inclusive society communication as a basis in the combating misinformation, conspiracy theories, but also hate speech.

Bojan Kordalov is a certified trainer who has held more than 500 trainings in the last 15 years. He is co-author of 5 publications: "Digital transformation to e-municipalities", "Manual for communication with young voters", "Social responsibility through social media", "Manual for non-formal education", "Manual for Good Governance".

Angelina Blazeska

With educational background in industrial engineering and management, Angelina is the co-founder of FitKit and Coach Foods. After five years since the initial launch, FitKit became noteworthy leader of the fitness and wellness digital space in North Macedonia. Angelina helped the start-up grow to be the biggest fitness provider with more than 2500 monthly active users. At FitKit, she is responsible for executive management, strategy planning and analysis.

Goran Dimitrijevic

Goran is Market Director of Slovak company ARMIE Ltd, online market leader of SE Europe for art & creative supplies. He made the first steps in e-commerce back in 2013, and so far went through development of the company, from a small local company to an international market leader in this part of Europe.

Goran was directly involved in market expansion in all Southern markets, as well as launching the new regional logistic centre and ERP software implementation. In early 2019 a company opened a regional office in Skopje and Goran became its team leader.

Goran believes that speed is the key factor in e-commerce. He became a logistics specialist and developed unique transport systems for Balkan non-EU markets. Together with the team, he created a specific delivery system for Serbia and Macedonia and speeded up cross-border delivery without the need for local warehouses.

Steffen Hudolin

Steffen Hudolin is the Head of Cooperation in the Delegation of the European Union to North Macedonia. His responsibilities are centered around the financial support to the country’s EU integration path and the oversight of its impact and achievements in the reform process.

Hudolin has served two diplomatic mandates in Serbia, also as a member of the EU Delegation, dealing with EU legal and financial matters. In between those two mandates, he was the Policy and Financial Coordinator in the Serbia unit of the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement in Brussels.

Before starting his diplomatic career in the Western Balkans in 2004 in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Steffen became an official of the European Commission as the Director-General for Economics and Finances in Luxembourg.

Hudolin did his first degree in Economics and Finances in 1995, followed by a Master of Laws in European Integration in 2012. He is fluent in German, English, and Serbian. Steffen and his wife Maria live in Skopje with their four children.

Otto Graf

Otto Graf is a Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Skopje. He has been in this position since March 2019 and his previous experience includes many different positions within the German Embassy in Washington DC, Tehran, Budapest, etc. He graduated from Regensburg University with studies in Economics.

Ecommerce Asociation

The Macedonian e-Commerce Association is the first and only association that aims at inclusive e-commerce. Our mission is to create a future for e-commerce development and the success of the country. Macedonian E-commerce Association aims to support the interests of e-commerce companies, to contribute to the expansion of e-commerce knowledge and its expansion including related services and technologies, and to reduce and eliminate barriers that restrict the growth and development of the industry. We believe that the future for a better Macedonia lies in a digital Macedonia and smart society, and e-commerce is an integral part of such a society.

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