Amin Siala

Amin Siala is an international speaker and global marketing expert who's consulted tens of the world's leading finance and ecommerce businesses in growing their revenues using the latest digital marketing strategies.

Having spoken in over 13 countries, Amin brings an energetic and engaging style to his talks that are sure to educate as well as entertain. He has a background in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management from Imperial College London, Amin’s talent lies in simplifying complex concepts and making them easy to understand.

Ecommerce Asociation

The Macedonian e-Commerce Association is the first and only association that aims at inclusive e-commerce. Our mission is to create a future for e-commerce development and the success of the country. Macedonian E-commerce Association aims to support the interests of e-commerce companies, to contribute to the expansion of e-commerce knowledge and its expansion including related services and technologies, and to reduce and eliminate barriers that restrict the growth and development of the industry. We believe that the future for a better Macedonia lies in a digital Macedonia and smart society, and e-commerce is an integral part of such a society.

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