Tina Petkoska

Tina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of Cyril and Methodius. She started her working experience at Halkband AD Skopje dealing with eCommerce activities, and she is included in the eCommerce activities in the country from its beginning. Tina has been a trainer in multiple workshops with the topic “How to make your E-commerce shop?” For more than seven years, she has been actively contributing to increasing the eCommerce awareness in terms of opening new webshops, as well as targeting e-commerce as a potential tool for increasing sales to SMEs.

Currently, she holds the position of Assistant in the Department for Alternative Distribution Channels – Marketing, and she is responsible for the marketing activities in cards and digital channels, including the eCommerce segment. Privately she is communicative; she wants to travel and enjoys spending time with her child. Halkbank AD Skopje is one of the first Banks, which since 2009 started with processing online transactions and therefore plays an essential role in the development of e-commerce in the domestic market.

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