Sergej Zafiroski

Sergej Zafiroski is the founder and executive manager of Insider ID, an agency specializing in quantitative business research and advanced business analytics. He started his professional career in 2007 in selling consumer products and continued to several different positions in sales and business analytics, until 2013 when he rebrands the company into a research agency. Since December 2018 he is the general manager of MIT – Faculty of Economics.

Due to the dynamic world trends that occur in retail, and also in Macedonia, his work in Insider ID and the focus of his private and business activities are directed towards creating applicable mathematical models of decision-making and data analysis. Of his particular interest is profiling the consumers and the impact of the price in making a purchase decision. The ultimate goal of all his activities is to create a management system for companies by using advanced quantitative decision-making techniques.

The Talk Synopsis:

Based on the results of the research about the value of e-commerce and the mapping of e-merchants in North Macedonia, you will find out what are the financial performances of e-commerce companies and how much of the income is coming from online channels. You will discover how significant is the number of sales made with payment cards and how much is paid in cash on delivery. This and much more about the e-commerce industry in North Macedonia will be brought to you in a joint presentation with Ognen Ognenoski.

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