Peter Mesarec

Peter has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing with a specific focus in Search Engine Optimization. In all this time he worked on the client’s side, on the agency’s side and as the owner of a company, so he can understand all the different obstacles you might see. Right now he is a marketing consultant in the region. With that, he is helping companies and agencies to set up, manage and improve their internal marketing teams and expand their reach to new channels. Start-ups at the beginning of their journey and big companies with billions of income rely on his marketing advice.

He has been selected as the best conference speaker multiple times, is a member of the jury on several marketing awards and is the host of different podcasts.

The Talk Synopsis:

Do you know the old joke, what does a policeman say when he sees a banana peel? Well, nothing against policemen and women, but in marketing, we often see people do the same mistake over and over again. Every company that owns a website, makes them And it makes me sad seeing how you waste money in achieving great SEO rankings. This is why I’ve collected the top 5 things that I feel are the mistakes you are going to make and I’ll try to stop you from making them.

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