Marko Ilic

Marko Ilić is a pioneer in the e-commerce industry in Serbia and a professional who has worked on the development of the largest e-commerce stores in the country. Marko was part of the team that built the first “click and mortat” store in Serbia, e-Dućan, 15 years ago. After a brief outing in the online gambling industry (IGT), Marko went back to e-commerce as the CEO of one of the largest e-stores in the region, NonStopShop. After that, he worked on building the award-winning portal TakoLako on Magenta. Marko is currently working on the project Dijaspora.Shop, an e-commerce platform that was recognized as the best e-shop in Serbia by the renowned IT magazine PC Press.

Marko is the co-founder of the Serbian e-Commerce Association.

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