Gorjan Jovanovski

Gorjan originally comes from the small country of Macedonia, but moved to The Netherlands in 2015 after getting his bachelors Computer Science and Engineering degree in Skopje. He graduated “cum-laude” as a Master of Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam in 2016 and is now working as a developer & team leader in Booking.com. 

Being involved in the 3000 strong eco-movement in Macedonia since 2014, he actively looks for ways on how technology and data can contribute towards the battle against air pollution. Following this passion, he build the MojVozduh (The Air App) air-quality tracking app, which is being used by over 100.000 people in Macedonia. The desire to spread Macedonia’s story together with his love for public speaking, Gorjan has held both tech and motivational talks on numerous conferences, even being invited to hold his own TED talk in 2018 under the name “The Data I Breathe”.

The Talk Synopsis:

Do you think that you know what’s best for your users? What if I told you that 90% of your decisions could be wrong? Booking.com is a data-driven company, so any changes to our product are tested by our users with an A/B testing methodology, to either confirm or deny our presumptions. Find out how we employ this methodology on millions of users per day, what issues you can overcome using A/B testing, and things to watch out for when implementing it in your products.

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