Katerina Bojkov

Katerina is one of the co-founders of EmbedSocial, a SaaS platform for social proof that helps businesses improve their digital presence and increase web conversions.
She is an eBusiness graduate and a Cotrugli Business School MBA, with a great interest in business automation.

In 2009 she co-founded one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in the region, that achieved Facebook Marketing Partner status amongst the first 100 companies in the world.

The experience to build apps for big brands that are used by tens of thousands of users encouraged the team to start working on their own products.

EmbedSocial was backed with funding in 2015, which helped the team fully transform into a product company.

Currently, Katerina is responsible for the user growth and scale of the product, focused on increasing the conversion rates that bring customers such as CNN, National Geographic, Hard Rock, Runtastic, LA NACION, WebSummit, Ministry of Sound.

Her company EmbedSocial established a fully automated software as a service system, that helps the team run a global platform on autopilot, currently serving more than 50.000 users worldwide.

This global capacity of EmbedSocial was recognized by the Paris-based ecosystem of the fastest-growing startups in Europe – The Family, who are providing day-to-day mentorships to the team and unfair advantages to help the company accelerate its growth.

In 2018, Katerina and her team started their first global expansion with an adventure in Japan, establishing a local sales office and sales operations that directly serve the Japanese customers.

In her free time, Katerina plays with Lena and with ‘Call of Duty.’

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