Viktor Stojkoski

Viktor is a Secretary General of the Macedonian Ecommerce Association and Co-Founder of SVNA Design, Web and Digital agency specializing in concept creation, visually pleasing design, efficient web development and digital business transformation.

Driven by the  desire for changes and improvement of the current e-commerce situation in Macedonia, he is one of the initiators for setting up the e-commerce association in Macedonia, of which he is also chosen to be the Secretary General. He is dedicated to the development of the association and for more than three years he is actively involved in the improvement of the e-commerce situation in Macedonia. Stojkoski is one of the main organizers of the first annual e-commerce conference, that has gathered all the relevant people from the e-commerce sector in Macedonia in one place. There have been speakers from 8 different countries and more than 370 participants from 150 companies, institutions and organizations.

Viktor has a degree in computer science and software engineering, and he specializes in: e-commerce, digital marketing, web design and sales.

Welcome Speech

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