Samantha Tillett

Global Director of the Amazon Partnership

Sam Tillett is a distinguished leader in the digital advertising realm, renowned for their expertise in Amazon Ads strategy and partnership development. Currently serving as the Global Director at Aleph Group, Inc., Sam is at the forefront of building a robust global Amazon Ads partnership across 115 markets, with a mission to introduce advanced technology to emerging locales.

As the Principal of Channel Development for Amazon Ads, she took ownership of partner programs on a global scale, driving the widespread adoption of cutting-edge Ad Tech solutions. Prior roles, including Senior Manager of International Business Development and Pan EU Lead for Ad Tech Sales, solidified Sam’s reputation as a pioneer in the field.

Sam’s proficiency spans areas such as Online Advertising, Digital Strategy, Demand Side Platform, and Digital Marketing. A strategic visionary with a proven track record, Sam Tillett works with tech and brands to redefine the future of digital advertising.

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