Ivan Mirkovski


Ivan Mirkovski stands as a leading figure in Macedonian architecture and urban design, boasting an extensive academic and practical background. Since beginning his journey in 2003, he has melded his roles as a university lecturer, researcher, and practitioner.

He’s held esteemed roles at institutions like the Technical University of Vienna and UACS’s Faculty of Architecture and Design. Beyond academia, his architectural practice has led him to collaborations with top studios like Supranormativ, Schluder/Kastner, and GrupaA Architects. Now, as a partner at Superblock Studio, Ivan’s leadership extends as the acting CEO of the Smart Living Group, overseeing 3 companies and a team of over 30.

His influence isn’t limited to academia and architecture alone. Ivan founded the International Platform Forum Skopje in 2007, promoting urban planning and city sociology. A year later, he launched Skopje Architecture Week, further cementing his commitment to the field. His expertise earned him a board member position for the Biennial European Award for Urban Public Space in Barcelona in 2012. The Grand Award for Architecture in Macedonia in 2015 stands testament to his prowess. As a coveted speaker, he continues to influence contemporary architecture, urban design, and planning across the region. Currently, he's advancing his knowledge with a Ph.D. in Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy.

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