Nina Angelovska

Nina Angelovska is the Minister of Finance of the Republic of North Macedonia since August 2019. Her life journey testifies of commitment and passion for problem solving which ultimately got her to lead an instrumental Ministry in a fresh and thriving way. She believes that through digital innovation, fintech and strong commitment to developing human potential, she can manage the money of citizens to much better serve sustainable economic development.
Angelovska holds a Ph.D. in Management, sits on the Board of the European Ecommerce Association (EMOTA) and founded the Macedonian E-commerce Association. In her early twenties, Minister Nina Angelovska co-founded the first deal platform and leading e-commerce company in North Macedonia,, that transformed the e-commerce market in the country. She worked as a business development and e-commerce consultant, and her work has been recognized as “Forbes 30 Under 30” in Retail and E-commerce in Europe in 2018. Angelovska frequently speaks at conferences and events on entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, gamification and e-commerce around the globe.
As a person who has actively contributed in the public-private dialogue and has advocated for evidence-based policy reforms in the fiscal sector, Nina embarked on a journey to make some of those reforms happen. While serving as a role model, particularly for women and digital entrepreneurs, Nina wants to inspire young people to step out of their comfort zone and make North Macedonia a great place to be.

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